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Iron powder

Iron powder < br > Shape: powder < br > Specific gravity: 7-9kg / m3 < br > Screening mesh: 300 mesh < br > Output: 500kg-3000kg / h < br > Applicable equipment: ultrasonic vibrating screen < br > Tel: 021-3471777

Equipment introduction:

Ultrasonic vibrating screen is composed of ultrasonic resonance power supply, oscillator and resonance ring. The high-frequency electric oscillation generated by the ultrasonic resonance power supply is converted into high-frequency three-dimensional oscillation waves by the oscillator. These oscillation waves are transmitted to the resonance ring to make the resonance ring generate resonance, and then the vibration is evenly transmitted to the screen surface by the resonance ring. The materials on the screen are vibrated by low-frequency three-dimensional vibration and superimposed with ultrasonic vibration, which can not only prevent the mesh from blocking, but also improve the screening yield and quality.


Material characteristics:

Iron powder is the main raw material of powder metallurgy. According to the particle size, it is customarily divided into five grades: coarse powder, medium powder, fine powder, fine powder and ultra-fine powder. The particle size is 150 ~ 500 μ The iron powder composed of particles in the range of M is coarse powder with a particle size of 44 ~ 150 μ M is medium powder, 10 ~ 44 μ M is fine powder, 0.5 ~ 10 μ M is very fine powder, less than 0.5 μ M is ultrafine powder

Screening purpose:

The screening process needs higher requirements and requires finer raw materials. Ordinary vibrating screen can not screen, and only ultrasonic vibrating screen can meet the requirements.

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