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Chemical industry

Liyang XXX group company
Material name: amino mold powder
Shape: powder
Specific gravity: 0.8-1.2g/cm3
Screening mesh: 60 mesh
Output: 1200-1500kg / h
Amino plastic refers


Food industry

Shanghai food (xxx) Co., Ltd Material name: chocolate beans
Shape: particles
Sieve mesh: 10mm
Output: 1000-1500kg / h
Chocolate beans, also known as cocoa beans, have oval fruits with different leng


Pharmaceutical industry

Shandong XXX Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Material name: API powder
Shape: powder
Specific gravity: 0.6kg/m3
Screening mesh: 200 mesh - 400 mesh
Output: 300kg-500kg / h


Metallurgical Industry

Hebei XXX group company
Material name: iron powder
Powder shape:
Specific gravity: 7-9kg / m3
Screening mesh: 300 mesh
Output: 500kg-3000kg / h
Iron powder is the main raw mate

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Shanghai Ruang Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional powder sieving equipment, automatic conveying  in the powder industry, automatic metering system solutions, and raw material workshop automation overall solutions。Committed to research and development in the field of automatic conveying, relying on reliable technical support, products have been recognized by customers at home and abroad.

Since its establishment, the company has been relying on the market, strictly in accordance with the principles of ISO9001 certified company standards, and in the spirit of "pragmatic, pioneering, and innovative", and has continuously strengthened technological innovation

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