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Condiments < br > Shape: powder < br > Screening mesh: 20 mesh - 60 mesh < br > Output: 100kg-800kg / h < br > Applicable equipment: linear vibrating screen, rotary vibrating screen < br > Ordering consultation Tel: 021

Equipment introduction:

The linear vibrating screen is driven by two motors. When the two motors rotate 

synchronously and reversely, the exciting force generated by the eccentric block offsets each other in the direction parallel to the motor axis and overlaps into a resultant force

 in the direction perpendicular to the motor axis. Therefore, the motion track of the 

screen is a straight line. The two motor shafts have an inclination angle with respect to 

the screen surface. Under the combined force of exciting force and material self gravity, the material is thrown up on the screen surface and moves forward in a jumping 

straight line, so as to achieve the purpose of screening and grading the material. It can

 be used to realize automatic operation in pipeline. It has the characteristics of low

 energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully 

enclosed structure and no dust overflow

Material characteristics:

As people have higher and higher requirements for healthy diet, the consumption of traditional condiments such as salt, sugar and monosodium glutamate has gradually decreased. Using compound seasoning instead of salt, sugar and monosodium glutamate has become an important choice for hotels and families. Therefore, enterprises are urged to continuously improve product quality and convey health, nutrition, natural and other information to consumers, and condiments are diversified.

Screening purpose:

Use screening machine to remove some large and fine impurities with different particle sizes. Linear vibrating screen can be well used to remove impurities and classify, and can meet the requirements of factory mass production.

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