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PVC powder

PVC powder < br > Shape: powder < br > Specific gravity: 1.34g/cm3 < br > Screening mesh: 40 mesh < br > Output: 300kg-2000kg / h < br > Applicable equipment: swing screen, rotary vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating s

Equipment introduction:

The vibrating screen is a kind of low-frequency vibrating screen that imitates artificial shaking. The filter produces non-linear three-dimensional motion, and the material also produces the same motion similar to manual operation, so as to achieve the purpose of screening, and with the screening accessories, a more ideal screening effect can be obtained; suitable for circular, cylindrical, and flake shapes , and even the materials with regular shapes that are easy to block and require precise screening

Material features:

Polyvinyl chloride resin generally refers to an amorphous polymer formed by homopolymerization of vinyl chloride monomer, referred to as PVC. 50%-60% nitric acid and 20% or less caustic soda solution. PVC resin is insoluble in water, gasoline, alcohol and vinyl chloride.

Screening purpose:

Increase the surface area of the PVC powder, which is conducive to the dissolution of the material and obtains a suitable particle size distribution

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