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Ganoderma lucidum powder

Ganoderma lucidum powder < br > Shape: powder < br > Specific gravity: 0.4kg/m3 < br > Screening mesh: 200 mesh - 400 mesh < br > Output: 50kg-150kg / h < br > Applicable equipment: ultrasonic vibrating screen < br &a

Equipment introduction:

The ultrasonic screening system is composed of ultrasonic resonance power supply, oscillator and resonance ring. The high-frequency electric oscillation generated by the ultrasonic resonance power supply is converted into high-frequency three-dimensional oscillation waves by the oscillator. These oscillation waves are transmitted to the resonance ring to make the resonance ring generate resonance, and then the vibration is evenly transmitted to the screen surface by the resonance ring. The materials on the screen are vibrated by low-frequency three-dimensional vibration and superimposed with ultrasonic vibration, which can not only prevent the mesh from blocking, but also improve the screening yield and quality.

Structural principle of ultrasonic vibrating screen:

The ultrasonic vibration wave (mechanical wave) attached to the screen of RA series ultrasonic vibrating screen makes the ultra-fine powder accept huge ultrasonic acceleration, so as to inhibit the screen blocking factors such as adhesion, friction, leveling and wedging, and improve the screening and cleaning benefits.

Material characteristics:

Food additives are chemicals and natural extracts added to improve the color, taste and taste of food. Some of their functions are for beauty, such as pigments, to ensure the shelf life of food within the scope of food safety, such as nitrate, or to change the taste of food, such as monosodium glutamate and salt, Can be called food additives, food additives show diversified characteristics.

Screening purpose:

Food additives are diversified, and the purpose of screening is also different. Impurity removal, classification and ultra-fine classification are the main purpose. Ultrasonic vibrating screen can be well used to remove impurities and conduct fine screening and classification, so as to achieve the purpose of no blocking the screen and high output

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