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Shanghai Ruang campaign API China

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 On October 16, 2020, the 85th China International Pharmaceutical API / intermediate /  

packaging / Equipment Fair officially ended in Nanjing International Expo Center. In this 

exhibition with the theme of "science and technology, safety, refinement and sustainability" and

 covering all regions, more than 1000 enterprises at home and abroad showed more than 

30000 visitors all auxiliary materials, functional ingredients, internal and external packaging 

materials, production and testing equipment required for the production of medicine and health


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At the same time, Shanghai Ruang ultrasonic equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred 

to as "Shanghai Ruang") also sincerely shares and exchanges the company's R & D 

achievements with agents, dealers and audiences from all over the world, and discusses in-depth cooperation.

Founded in 2015, Shanghai Ruang is a technological innovation enterprise integrating 

R & D, production, sales and service. Since its establishment, Shanghai Ruang has been committed to the research and development in the field of fine screening. Through 

continuous scientific and technological innovation, the company has screening 

equipment such as ultrasonic vibrating screen, ultrasonic swing screen, multi-functional inspection screen and special pharmaceutical screen, which can also provide 

professional automation solutions for the majority of users. Reliable technology, 

excellent product quality and perfect service make Shanghai Ruang win the praise of 

customers and partners.

In this exhibition, Shanghai Ruang brought ultrasonic inspection screen, ultrasonic 

vibrating screen, three-dimensional mixer and ultrasonic system. The good reputation

 accumulated over the years makes the product attract many visitors to stop for 

consultation once it is unveiled.



                                         Ultrasonic testing screen

 Ultrasonic inspection screen is a high-performance fine powder grading inspection 

equipment developed by engineers in Shanghai Ruang on the basis of traditional 

inspection. It has successfully solved the laboratory screening problems such as 

agglomeration, static electricity, strong adsorption blocking mesh and so on. As a 

technological breakthrough in the domestic screening industry, the instrument has the 

characteristics of high screening accuracy, non clogging mesh, simple operation and 

intelligent control. Therefore, it is widely used in laboratories in pharmaceutical, 

metallurgy, chemical industry, beneficiation, food and other industries.





                                          Ultrasonic vibrating screen

 After the introduction of the on-site staff, we know that the working principle of the

 ultrasonic vibrating screen is that a high-frequency vibration is superimposed on the

 traditional vibrating screen. By increasing the acceleration of the material, the 

instrument can effectively solve the adsorption of the material to the screen, and the 

material can pass through the screen more quickly. Compared with ordinary screening, 

the instrument not only solves the difficulty of screening ultra light powder, maintains 

the screen accuracy and improves the screening efficiency, but also effectively reduces 

the number of screen cleaning and reduces secondary pollution. Therefore, ultrasonic 

vibrating screen plays an important role in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramic and other industries.



                                        Three dimensional mixer

The on-site staff told us that the three-dimensional mixer is an ideal product among 

various mixers at present. Due to the multi-directional operation of the mixing barrel, it

 can effectively accelerate the flow and diffusion of various materials in the mixing

 process. At the same time, it can also avoid the segregation and accumulation of 

specific gravity of materials caused by centrifugal force of general mixers, Then it can 

effectively ensure the good quality of mixed materials. Because the instrument has the 

advantages of large barrel loading rate, high efficiency and short mixing time, the 

three-dimensional mixer is also widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light 

industry, electronics, machinery, mining and metallurgy and other industries.



                                                  Ultrasonic system

Ultrasonic system consists of ultrasonic generator, transducer and connecting wire. It is a high-tech system that can convert electric energy into high-frequency vibration 

mechanical energy. The system can effectively solve the problems of material blocking 

and low screening efficiency in the screening field, and maintain strong vibration 

energy output. It can accelerate the overall movement of materials on the screen and 

make small materials easy to pass through. Field staff told us that after continuous 

testing, improvement and upgrading, the stability, calorific value and ease of use of the ultrasonic system have reached the international level.

Under the situation of continuous product renewal and iteration, Shanghai Ruang pays

 attention to the market dynamics. Through continuous exploration, innovation and 

breakthrough, it has successfully created social value with science and technology and 

created satisfactory service with integrity. In the future, Shanghai Ruang will not forget 

its original intention and continue to adhere to the enterprise tenet of "integrity-based, customer first and technology first", so as to provide more high-performance products 

and perfect services for society, industry and customers.