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Vacuum feeder/Vacuum conveyor

Application range: 

food industry, pharmaceutical industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry


flavors and fragrances, monosodium glutamate, adsorbents, catalysts, graphite, rouge, 

blush, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyoxyethylene, fertilizers, veterinary drugs, feed, 

premixes, additives, washing powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, 

sugar, seeds



product description

The vacuum feeder is a new product developed on the basis of widely absorbing

 foreign similar products. At present, it is the ideal and perfect vacuum conveying 

equipment for powder, granular and powder-granular mixtures in China. It reduces the 

labor intensity of workers and solves the problem of dust spillage during feeding. It is a shou selection equipment for pharmaceutical factories and food factories that have 

passed GMP certification and promote clean and civilized production.

working principle

The negative pressure airflow generated by the vacuum pump and other devices is 

used to inhale the material from the feeding port, and the gas and material are 

separated in the vacuum feeder. The clean air passes through the filter element and is 

discharged into the atmosphere through the vacuum pump, and the material is 

separated and falls into the silo. When the feeding time arrives, the vacuum valve is 

closed, the unloading valve is opened, the material falls into the designated equipment, and the airbag is blown back to automatically clean the filter element to ensure the 

efficient performance of the next cycle. Auxiliary feeding devices such as vibration are 

activated to assist feeding. At the end of blanking, it enters the suction state again.


1. Simple: automatic control, the suction and discharge time can be set freely within 0~99 seconds, the operation is simple and convenient;

2. Hygiene: airtight transportation, no dust leakage, no cross-contamination, in line with GMP standards and CIP requirements, and sterile-grade equipment can be provided

3. Fast: easy and fast installation;

4. Cleaning: dust-free operation, eliminating dead ends, quick and convenient disassembly, cleaning and refueling;

5. Economical: One machine can be used on multiple sets of equipment in turn, with high efficiency and energy saving, no need to warm up and stand by, and low operation and maintenance costs;


Product details


Equipment parameter



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