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Ultrasonic testing screen

Application range: 

pharmaceutical industry, food industry, ceramic industry, metallurgical powder


Chinese medicine granules, Chinese medicine powder, pharmaceutical intermediates, 

Chinese medicine decoction pieces, plant extracts, flour, starch, rice flour, milk powder,

 green tea powder, additives, condiments, glass coatings, abrasives, ceramics, iron 

powder, aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder.


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Working Principle

Ruang's RA-ZYS200S ultrasonic inspection sieve is a high-performance fine powder 

classification inspection equipment developed on the basis of traditional inspection. 

The equipment uses three different vibration sources: vibration motor, electromagnetic vibration, ultrasonic vibration. According to the characteristics and requirements of 

materials, three single-item working modes, two single-item superimposition modes, 

ultrasonic + vibration motor, electromagnetic vibration + vibration motor are the high-

tech multi-functional products of the current laboratory screening and testing



1. High measurement accuracy

2. The screening mesh is not blocked

3. Solve strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high static electricity, high density, light specific gravity

4. Simple operation, intelligent controlP1.jpg


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