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Ultrasonic rocking screen sieving machine

Application range:

 chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, ceramics, abrasives, metallurgy industry


paint, resin powder, PVC resin powder, citric acid, polyethylene powder, washing powder pharmaceutical intermediates, medical accessories, traditional Chinese medicine powder, traditional Chinese medicine liquid, western medicine powder, western medicine liquid, aluminum silver paste, mud, kaolin, Quartz sand, alumina, artificial black aluminum, graphite, carbonization, silicon, sprayed soil particles, emery, iron powder, titanium dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, etc.

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Ultrasonic vibrating screen is a low-frequency vibrating screen that directly imitates artificial screening. Its motion trajectory is a combination of radial displacement of instantaneous motion and circular motion with this displacement as the axis. The non-linear three-dimensional motion can be generated by adjusting the eccentric distance of the exciter, and the movement of the material on the screen surface is similar to manual screening, so as to achieve the effect of screening the material. This achieves the ideal screening effect and is suitable for precise screening of cylindrical, flake and other irregular shaped materials.

Working Principle

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Ultrasonic vibrating screen is a kind of low-frequency vibrating screen that imitates 

artificial shaking. Non-linear three-dimensional motion is produced, and the material 

also produces the same motion similar to manual operation, so as to achieve the 

purpose of screening, and the ideal screening effect can be obtained with an ultrasonic screening system.

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1. Single-layer or multi-layer sieving can be achieved, which can be sieved to 6 particle sizes. Up to 5 layers, while providing 5 to 6 groups of grading. For single graded products, our ultrasonic screening system can help you get 2-5 times the capacity on the same screen.

2. The principle of the rocking screen is actually a mechanical simulation of the human hand screen, with gentle acceleration and low-speed operation to ensure that the material always rolls on the surface of the screen. For dry, low-density particles; it can also effectively reduce the wear of the sieve itself (screen) for highly abrasive products.

3. Each layer of screen mesh realizes accurate classification of coarse and fine particles. The material is fed from the center of the horizontal screen body and spreads to the periphery along the spiral curve. At the same time, as the vertical acceleration increases, the fine-grained product is forced to effectively penetrate the screen surface.

4. Worry-free and convenient operation When the particle size of the product is close to 30 microns, the clogging of the mesh size becomes an urgent problem to be solved. With our ultrasonic system, it will be solved; ultrasonic systems are usually used for products with light specific gravity, high mesh size, high viscosity or static electricity.

5. Effectively reduce the damage of fragile materials. The hand screen can give gentle treatment to materials. The shaker perfectly reproduces the same movement and is used in applications where particle breakage is prohibited, such as: spray-dried coffee, powdered products of biopharmaceuticals, as well as milk powder and metal powders.

6. Effectively reduce maintenance time as fast as 15 minutes with simple and quick disassembly and installation.

Equipment Details















cleaning system



Bouncing ball

Rotary brush



Engineering case1

Customer site Chemical industry

Jiangxi ** Company

Screening material Calcium powder Sieve 100 mesh, specific gravity 0.9, output 300KG


Engineering case2

Customer site Chemical industry

Jiangxi ** Company

Screening material DCP sieved 80 mesh, specific gravity 1.2, output 460KG


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