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Dust free feeding station



product description

The dust-free feeding station refers to the manual unpacking of small bags of 

packaging materials. During the whole unpacking process, the filter and the dust 

removal fan are used to remove dust, and the dust will not leak out. It is suitable for 

small bags of 0~50KG. .It is a new product developed on the basis of widely absorbing

 foreign similar products. At present, it is the advanced, ideal and perfect vacuum 

conveying equipment for powdery material, granular material and powder-granular 

mixture. It reduces the labor intensity of workers and solves the problem of dust 

spillage during feeding. It is the first choice for pharmaceutical factories and food 

factories to pass GMP certification and promote clean and civilized production.

working principle

The dust-free feeding station makes the material fall into the storage hopper by gravity through steps such as manual unpacking and automatic dumping to complete the 

unpacking and unloading work. The filter cleaning device and exhaust fan are installed 

inside the equipment to filter out the dust generated during the dumping process, and 

discharge the clean exhaust gas into the atmosphere, so that the labor can easily work 

in a clean environment.




1. Reduce manual heavy manual labor;

2. No dust flying, sanitation and environmental protection;

3. Small filtration precision, no waste or loss of materials;

4. Effectively connect with the next process;

5. It can be equipped with automatic cutter and bag pressing device;

6. Small size, can move freely, and has a wide range of applications.

Equipment Details



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